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Miscellaneous Callum Keith Rennie

On the inside I'm a poet.

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A place to write fic and post graphics about any film, tv or even play that features CKR
A place to write fic and post graphics about any film, tv or even play that features Callum Keith Rennie.

Just seen a film that CKR's in but is so bad or unknown that there's nowhere to put that fic your plot bunny has created?

Here is the place for you!

Any crossover fics and images are welcome too. In fact all Callum Keith Rennie stuff can go in here.
anthony bellio, armando, asher talos, battlestar galactica, bionic woman, bliss, bob levesh, bob marlowe, brian larson, bruce spencer, butterfly on a wheel, cal, californication, callum keith rennie, carl mackie, carlito, case 39, christy mahon, ckr, codename: the cleaner, craig zwiller, curtis's charm, da vinci's inquest, danny wilson, dark angel, detective keegan, detective mcgill, dice, dodd, don pritchard, double happiness, dr rollie saunders, duck macdonald, earl candleton, eden abez, edward sullivan, egon schwimmer, elliot winters, excess baggage, existenz, falling angels, falling from the sky, five people meet heaven, flower and garnet, foolish heart, frank's cock, gary jensen, gray wellman, h2o, harry price, highlander, hole in the sky, hugo carlaw, hunt the wounded down, janke dacyshyn, jerry bines, jim field, john neil, johnny johansson, kingdom hospital, kotash, la femme nikita, laramie, last night, leoben, letters from home, lew ashby, lieutenant daniel holt, little criminals, lonesome dove: the series, lucid, mamet, mark, mark mitchum, martin maclean, masterminds, max cassidy, memento, men with guns, michael mortenson, micheal konichek, mike espey, mitchell, murder seen, my life as dog, nature boy, neal, newbie, normal, now and forever, of murder and memory, ollie, painkiller jane, palmberg, paris or somewhere, paycheck, picture claire, purple toast, quin hunter, ross, shaw, sheriff lamar, shooting gallery, side effects, silk, slap shot 2, sleepwalking, snow cake, still, strange world, suspicious river, the butterfly effect, the commish, the eleventh hour, the evelyn dick story, the highwayman, the hunters, the invisible, the last stop, the life before this, the marshal, the omen, the outer limits, the raffle, timecop, tin man, torso, touching evil, trapped, tricks, tru calling, twitch city, tyler king, tyler mcknight, u&a, unforgettable, unnatural and accidental, valentine's day, victor, vince, viper, walt braugher, when dark man calls, whiskey echo, whole new thing, wilby wonderful, william lennox, william t. lennox, zack lockheart, zero